Select adheres to socially responsible lending practices. Select has found in many cases that employees manage their financial affairs poorly, resulting in all net income being consumed by payment deductions. To alleviate this, Select imposes credit criteria on all its credit facilities to ensure that all clients borrow responsibly and at terms that they can afford through ensuring a minimum take home amount and a maximum instalment per salary bracket.

Although Select cannot ensure that credit extensions are always responsibly used, it markets products that offer our clients the option of Select making payments directly to creditors such as schools, builders and other contracted vendors on behalf of our clients.

These interventions direct funds to the original purpose intended and are aimed at assisting clients in using financial advances in a responsible manner and in turn improving their standard of living.

Social Rating

We are proud to announce that Select has recently been awarded a BB social rating by Microfinanza Ratings.

This confirms that adequate social performance management and client protection systems are in place as well as confirming satisfactory alignment to our social mission. Please click on below links to view the certificates: