Shared values are a critical component in multicultural companies, as values tend to work across cultural lines and divides. Also, values provide the behavioral template for all staff to follow and accordingly drive the development of our corporate culture. Select Africa has the following 5 core values:

Raise the bar

  • Achieve the unthinkable
  • Excellence in execution, benchmarked against world-class standards
  • Zero tolerance for mediocrity

Deliver world-class customer service

  • Place customers first – without customers we cease to exist
  • Know our customers and understand their changing needs
  • Treat our customers the same way we would like to be treated

No excuses

  • Be proactive and resourceful – ‘Find a way!’
  • Deliver on our promises with integrity – be driven by results
  • Be courageous, make the impossible possible


  • Aggressively seek out new opportunities
  • Build new businesses and financial markets
  • See opportunity in adversity

People focus

  • Treat colleagues with respect and dignity
  • Use our talents and work in teams to pursue ideas
  • Own our personal growth and development